InFin Capital’s experienced team of professionals is at the forefront of the capital market industry in Israel, providing domestic and U.S firms with access to decision makers at leading institutional investors in Israel. We position ourselves as an extension to our clients, enabling them to accelerate their capital and debt raising efforts, with professionalism, precision and efficiency.


Yehonatan Cohen

Yehonatan has over 15 years of experience in the Israeli capital market. During this time, Yehonatan served in a wide range of positions including trading, financial engineering and underwriting.

Prior establishing InFin Capital, Yehonatan had served as the CEO of Clal Finance Underwriting, which had become Israel’s leading distributor under his lead.
Educational background: Yehonatan holds a BA in Economics and an MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Yossi Levi

Yossi has over 10 years of experience in the Israeli capital market and in the investment banking industry. During this time, Yossi served in wide range of positions including a senior analyst in M&A department of KPMG, an offering manager in Clal Finance Underwriting as well as a VP in a SMB’s consulting firm.

Educational background: Yossi holds a B.A in Accounting and Economics, an MBA from Tel Aviv university and an M.A in Law from Bar Ilan university.


Idan Knobel

General Counsel
Idan has over 8 years of experience in the Israeli capital market and the legal industry. At his previous position, Idan served as the head of legal department in a leading trust company.

Areas of expertise: Financing, capital markets, corporate governance, bankruptcy, corporate and securities law.

Educational background: Idan holds B.A in Economics and L.L.B in Law from University of Haifa and MBA in finance from Bar Ilan University.

Daniel Lipinski

Senior Analyst
Daniel has over 4 years of experience in the Israeli capital market and the credit rating industry.

During this time, Daniel served as a credit analyst in Midroog a leading Israeli rating agency, a subsidiary of Moody's.

Educational background: Daniel holds a B.A in Economics from the College of Management.

Nadav Hertz

Capital Markets Expert
Nadav has over 9 years of experience in the Israeli capital market. During this time Nadav served as an institutional sales trader and analyst in leading investment houses and hedge funds.

Educational background: Nadav holds B.A in Accounting & Finance from and MBA in finance and capital markets. Nadav is licensed portfolio manager and investments advisor by ISA.

Ido Cohen

Business Development Manager
Ido has over 2 years of experience in the Israeli capital market and business development industry. During this time, Ido has been serving as the manager of Infin Capital's Business development team.

Educational background: Ido is currently studying a B.A in Economics and Business Administration at MTA, an extension of Tel-Aviv university.

Ariel Schrier

Business Development Analyst
Ariel has over 2 years of experience in business development and sales. In his previous position, Ariel was a business development analyst for Philip Morris International. During this time, he spearheaded new business opportunities that led the company to increase its market share in Israel.
Prior to that, Ariel served as a real estate broker where he acquired extensive experience in negotiations, analysis & DD process.
Educational background: Ariel holds a B.A in Economics & Management from the Open University; Licensed Real Estate Broker.

Jacob Harpaz

Jacob is esteemed throughout Israel as the person who introduced structured financial products to the Israeli market.

Jacob brings a diverse set of skills to the firm through his international endeavors in the finance sector.

His career highlights includes working at the Bank of Israel, heading global asset management for Bank Hapoalim, manage the trading room at United Mizrahi Bank of Israel, and found Global Excellence Markets.

Noya Shenhav

Office Manager
Noya has over 5 years of experience as an Office Manager.
Noya is in charge of the general office operations, greeting visitors, coordinating meetings, managing staff calendars and schedules, organize events and more.
Educational background: Noya holds B.A in Communication and management from The college of Management.